T-MAN BORED 98 and 107 Cylinder/Piston Kits

(Customer Supplied Cylinders)

T-Man Performance offers a full line of Cylinder and Piston Kits for your 1999-2006 motor or your 2007-2016 motor. These kits allow you to increase your motors displacement to either a 98 cubic inch or a 107 cubic inch depending on the year model and stroke. All these piston kits utilize your existing cylinders that came on the bike. We will bore and hone your cylinders using the best technology and equipment available in the Harley market. We chamfer the bottom of the cylinder to make installing them a breeze. All cylinder rings are gaped and ready to install. You will be supplied a spec sheet that gives you or, your builder all the necessary information. These kits come with head gaskets and base o-rings. We offer several different dome volumes on our pistons, please feel free to call so we can help select the proper piston kit for your build. Your combustion chamber size and piston volume will determine your compression ratio.

Cost $585.00


Customer will be responsible for the cleaning of the product before installing
Pistons are available separately
Customer must supply cylinders for boring and honingĀ 


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